‚ÄčTo put it mildly, High Jinks Ranch is Rustic.

Most of the time High Jinks is a gracious, relaxing, beautiful place. But this is the desert after all, and there are things visitors should be aware of.

There are occasional  scorpions, bees  and wasps. Rattlesnakes  are not uncommon.

If  our cats or dogs like you they may bring you a special gift of a dead animal.

The terrain is steep - please watch your step!

There are loose rocks, aging structures, mud flow, free range cattle, horses, doo doo, primitive roads, flash floods, and more...

We are in the wilderness - it's a about 20 minutes to the nearest clinic, about 40 minutes to the hospital.

Come prepared: 

  • sun protection 
  • flashlight
  • sturdy clothes and shoes
  • walking stick 
  • epi-pen if you need it

If well-meaning-but-rustic is not to your liking, please go  visit  someplace more civilized.